What’s More Important

saturated writing

At this point in my life, it is both. I like where I live because I am close to family and it would be very difficult for me to raise my kids without my family around. I want my kids to know their cousins, grandparents, aunts & uncles. Yeah, they can get on my nerves at times and sometimes I want to ignore them all and run away, but they are still my family and having lived away from them for a number of years, I am glad I am back.

That being said, without loving what I do, I would be miserable. I have had jobs I liked because of the job, jobs I have liked because of the people and jobs I have had to do to earn money. My current job is the one of the best I have had – for both people and the job. The job I have is the perfect one for me. It uses both of my degrees and has a certain degree of flexibility.

The place I live may not be the most “happening” but it’s a good place to raise a family. The place I live may not have a plethora of good jobs but it has a number of really good companies that people want to work for because they take care of their employees and there is room for advancement. Luckily, I work for one of those companies.

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