Two Girls, Two Dresses, and a Link to the Past

The girls in the dresses I made for them.

I have been cruising craft blogs lately.  Some of the blogs I have been looking at include: and  They have lots of links to other blogs and they present ideas simply and beautifully.

I have wanted to learn how to make clothes, but haven’t had the time or the inclination to actually get started.  I found a blog that had a pretty simple pattern for sale, so I bought it.  Once I got up the courage to actually start, it seemed to go ok.

I learned a lot making these dresses – how to make a hem, how to use elastic thread, how to size a pattern, how to line a pattern, and how to fix something when I mess up.

Autumn’s dress is some of my great-grandma’s fabric.  It is pink and white seersucker.  This fabric is probably 30 to 50 years old and smells like my great-grandma’s house.  I miss her a lot and I love the fact that I can pull out a piece of fabric and instantly be connected with her.  I think she would have loved the fact that I am making a dress for her great-great-granddaughter.

Sky's Dress

Sky’s dress is made out of some older fabric, either my grandma’s or mom’s.  It is pink and white check cotton, lined with plain pink cotton.  I had issues with the elastic thread on her dress, and so it looks like there is a band of not-gathered fabric in the middle.  Luckily, it looks like I did it on purpose.  Sky’s dress was hard for me because I had to figure out how to line it and then how to make it all go together.  On top of that, I had to take it apart and redo it to take 4 inches off the width.  But that allowed me to fix the seams on the skirt and the lining so that it was correct.

Finishing these dresses gave me the inspiration to try something more difficult the next time.  I have a couple of ideas already printed off and some fabric picked out.

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