“Restless in Carolina” by Tamara Leigh

I really liked this book.  I haven’t ready any of her books before, but I will probably read them now.  This was the right mix of Christian fiction, chick-lit, and generally good story.

This is the story of Bridget Pickwick Buchanan who was widowed 4 years ago.  She has been struggling through life ever since, and her family has had enough.  Through the words of her 5 year old twin niece and nephew, she learns that she really does need to get past her grief.  She starts small – taking her wedding ring off; and through the course of the book takes other steps to work through the pain.

She is “aided” on her journey by the fact that her family is trying to sell its estate.  Bridget thinks that it needs to go to someone who is ecologically-minded and will keep the property in its natural state, instead of using it for industry.  She tries to pique JC Dirk’s interest in the property.  However, her father has another candidate in mind – for her and the property.

With that struggle set up, I won’t ruin the ending, or spoil the twists that pop up along the way.  Bridget was one of my favorite characters, followed closely by the two little kids, and her Uncle Obe.  My least favorite character was probably Bridget’s dad.  He just really frustrated me and made me thankful for my wonderful father.

I would definitely recommend this book.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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