“The Inconvenient Marriage for Charlotte Beck” by Kathleen Y’Barbo

I liked this book.  This was a new author for me, so I was looking forward to something different.  Charlotte is a young lady in the 1880s who has been able to get her way most of her life.  Her mother died when she was young and she was sent to live with her father in Denver.  She is now 18 and is about to make her debut in society.  Her stepmother has taken her to London for some polish.

However, Charlotte being Charlotte, she manages to create quite a stir.  First, she falls off a balcony into the arms of Alex Hambly.  Her reputation suffers from that event, and she continues to bumble (although well intentioned) her way through society.  Between finding ways to interfere with Alex’s life to creating havoc by riding in a Wild West show, Charlotte creates a sensation wherever she goes.  However, she is searching for a way to be useful.  She is interested in business and wants to prove to her father that she can be of assistance to him in the family business.  She knows that if she marries, her father will be “forced” to let her follow her dreams.

Meanwhile, Alex is struggling to keep his family finances afloat.  He knows that if he marries a heiress, the money issues are solved, but that’s not why he wants to marry.   He wants to be able to do his astronomy research in peace and support his family.  He learns of a deal with some of the family’s Denver holdings that would be very lucrative, but he doesn’t have the funds to fully support the venture.

Charlotte’s father brings the two together.  If the pair agrees to marry in 4 year, Charlotte can pursue her education and go into one of the family’s businesses and Alex will get the money he needs to take care of his family.  Will the two of them find what they seek in their relationship?

I’ve left some of the plot out, because it would be hard to go into everything.  I liked this book a lot – it was a very quick read and the characters stayed with me throughout the day.  I wish there would have been more information on the Beck family relationships.  There seemed to be some things missing.  I liked older Charlotte rather than younger Charlotte, who I found kind of annoying…amusing, but annoying.  Alex seemed a little flat to me.  It was as though a switch was flipped and he decided it was going to be all better.  I didn’t doubt his care and concern for his family, even though they were rather one-dimensional, but his “journey” in the story didn’t seem as well developed as Charlotte’s.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are my own.

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