“Hook Line and Sinker” by Susan May Warren

This is a sweet story of how a misunderstanding can influence later actions.  Ross and Abby have been friends for years, despite a several year age difference.  There have been romantic feelings on both sides, but other than one kiss, nothing was ever “formalized”.  Abby and Ross’ older brother Scott were at the same college, and since they hung out together so much, everyone assumed that they were a couple.  That misunderstanding led to college gossip getting back to Ross. 

When Scott died, everyone’s understanding was that Abby was the grieving girlfriend.  However, Abby was the grieving girl friend.  Ross, already hurt by the assumption that Abby was Scott’s girlfriend, lashed out at her regarding their relationship.  This caused a rift between Ross and Abby that ordinary interaction cannot resolve.

All of this occurs while Ross is a senior in college and Abby is finishing her graduate studies.  As a final end-of-semester fling, their respective youth groups enter a fishing contest in Deep Haven.  Nothing brings out the best of people like a little competition, right? 

As the story progresses, the reader gets a glimpse into their past, and how thoughtless comments by others, as well as Ross and Abby in moments of pain can harm people.  The depth of their hurt is seen in their interactions with each other.  As the reader, I wanted them to just talk to each other, instead of avoiding each other or making sarcastic comments to each other. 

I haven’t read the other books in the Deep Haven series, so I don’t know how this novella fits in.   I didn’t feel as though I was missing anything by not reading the other stories.  I may pick the series up, but only if I know these characters are involved.

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I received an free copy of this book from the publisher using the NetGalley system. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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