“Full Black” by Brad Thor

I just finished Full Black by Brad Thor.  I have read every other book he has written and this one did not disappoint.  He is always current (or slightly ahead of current events), and that tends to freak me out a bit.   His books are so realistic and they make me see current events in a different light.  To think that if someone had the means and ability to bring about the events in this book is truly frightening.

This is once again the story of Scot Harvath, who is seeking retribution for the assassination of his key subject at the end of the last book (“The Athena Project”).  The journey throughout the book takes the reader from Sweden, to Iceland, to all over the United States.  There were sections of the book that moved a little slower than I expected, but I knew that it was just setting the reader up for more action. The action does not disappoint.  Somehow, he makes even writing reports seem exciting.

One of my favorite characters, Nicolas, is back…with his dogs.  I hope that he is trying to redeem himself for his past transgressions by working with the Carlton Group instead of against everyone.  My fear is that the redemption is a deception.  I realize that he’s just a character in a book, but I am continuously amazed by his level of expertise and intelligence.  He knows how to get whatever information Scot or Reed need.

In all, this is a great book, and the last page leaves you wanting more.