“Bittersweet Surrender” or “How Life Can Turn Things Around”

Carly hasn’t had it very easy the last few years.  She has undergone treatment for breast cancer (without insurance), her husband walked out, her best friend died, her dad died, her brother keeps hitting her up for money, her business’ financials are messed up (she runs a chocolate spa), and to top it all off, her stepmom has decided to move in with her.  Wow…I’m tired and worn out just looking at that list!

Even though she could let all of this get her down, she tries hard to focus on improving things.  She has hired her best friend’s husband (who is an accountant) to look at the books and straighten things out; she takes advantage of her stepmom moving in as a way to eat healthier; she survived breast cancer; and she has decided to stand up to her brother.

For a few months, she has been corresponding via email with her brother’s best friend from high school.  She had a crush on him in high school, but he was too cool for her.  Lucky for her, he is moving back with his teenage daughter.  That is her other reason for getting in shape and eating better.

However, nothing goes as it should.  The mystery of why Carly’s business is having problems is spread through the entire book, with an ending that is a surprise.  People Carly has relied upon for years turn out to be not so reliable, and things she thought she knew turn out not to be true.  But what I think hurts Carly the most is how those who are closest to her have ended up letting her down over the last few years.  She has to find the strength within herself to move beyond her past and her current struggles and find happiness.

This book was provided as part of the Booksneeze program, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.