Sometimes this helps me get through the day…

My Shining Stars

The other day, the girls went to visit the horse barn.  They love going there.  Lucky for them, they were able to spend almost 5 hours there with their grandma watching the horses, watching the vet, and playing.

Even after all that, they come running up to me when they get home, so happy to be home and so happy to see me.  We are so lucky to have them, that hearing them happily scream “Mommy” or “Daddy” really makes all the troubles worthwhile.   Or having them ask “Can we snuggle?” makes me just want to wrap them up in my arms because I know that this time is fleeting.  Too soon, they will no longer want to snuggle and sing our good-night songs, or want to be with us.

No matter how they may act, we love them and love to see their smiles.  Even when I am having a bad day, having them smile at me can turn it around.