“The Wedding Quilt” – Drawing to a Close?

"The Wedding Quilt" by Jennifer Chiaverini

In Jennifer Chiaverini’s The Wedding Quilt, the story of the Elm Creek Quilters seems to be coming to a close.  This is a wonderful series, of which I have read almost every book.  The story begins with the invitation to Sarah and Matt’s daughter Caroline’s wedding – about 20 years after the last book was set.  As Sarah waits for her daughter to arrive at Elm Creek Manor, she remembers the day Caroline and her twin brother James were born.

This pattern continues throughout the book.  The current wedding story line is interwoven with stories from the past.  It is a good way for readers of the series to catch up with their favorite quilters with glimpses into their lives for the last 20 years. Readers are also able to learn some items that we didn’t know – for example, how active Agnes was in the community and why she had attached herself so deeply to Waterford.

There’s a little bit of drama throughout the book, in various story lines, that keeps the book moving.  There’s also sadness.  I came to the conclusion about 1/3 of the way through that this was probably the end of a series I really liked.  According to Jennifer’s website, this is not the last book in the series – that there is probably 1 more book to go.   Even with the feeling that it was drawing to a close, I enjoyed this book.  It brought closure to several story lines from other books, and it’s a nice book-end to the first book, when Sarah arrives at Elm Creek Manor to work for Sylvia.  I wonder where she will take the quilters next and who the next generation of Elm Creek Quilters will be?

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I received this book from the publisher through the NetGalley program.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions are my own.