What I am Thankful For – Day 14

Today I am thankful for music.  Music has always been a part of my life – listening and performing.

  • I thank my Grandma for my education in classic musicals and 40s Big Band music.
  • I thank my parents for buying a piano and paying for lessons for a number of years.
  • I thank them for my clarinet, clarinet lessons, and coming to my various band concerts.
  • I thank my two jazz band teachers in college – Jay Hauenstein and Joe Mailhot for two completely different approaches to jazz and music in general.
  • I thank my choir director in college who, even though we were a small choir, accepted everyone and taught us to stretch our comfort levels.  From that choir I began my love affair with Vivaldi’s Gloria.
  • I thank the two church choir directors with which I am currently involved.  I love how I can go to choir practices and I know that I am going to learn something different each night.  One director teaches chant and I learn little tidbits about the history of the music of the Church.  The other director shows us how current music (or more contemporary than 1850, in some cases) can be incorporated in our beautiful Mass.  She stretches us to look beyond the notes to the words of the songs we sing so that our parish will feel the meaning and so that we can enrich the Mass.
  • I thank Pandora for going back to unlimited listening, and Apple for inventing the iPod and iTunes.

Without music, my life would be a lot quieter, a lot less vibrant, and a lot poorer.  Music allows people to speak beyond words.  Music is that final expression of beauty that makes life worthwhile.  To everyone who has impacted my life through music, I thank you.