That Special Book in My Life

Austen Gray & wife 1913 (LOC)

First of all, I don’t think that it’s just one book. While I don’t typically re-read books, here are a few of my standards.

“Pride & Prejudice” – one of my all-time favorites. Really, anything by Jane Austen will be re-read in my house.

“Outlander” – of course, it helps that my on-line book club re-reads this series every two years or so. What a great book!

“Jane Eyre” – one of my friends reads this book every year or so. I can see why – the reader is continually surprised by the fact that Mr. Rochester has hidden his mad wife in the attic.

Maybe there are books that you read over and over; maybe there are books that stay with you long after you read them; maybe there are books that you wish you had time to read. The secret is making the time to enjoy the written word.